Published On: Tue, Jun 16th, 2020

Options for Wireless Design Services

Years of technological innovation have brought several wireless options to homes and businesses. Customers can choose from long-range and short-range services depending on the signal strength, speed, and flexibility they need. It is best for consumers to understand their options when choosing wireless design services in San Jose.


Newer Services

There has been a lot of buzz about 5G, and for good reason. The enormous bandwidth of this service is a significant upgrade over the current 3G and 4G offerings. Although it is not widely available to the public, it has the potential to revolutionize machine-to-machine communication. It relies on millimeter wave technology, which shows promise in such technologically advanced arenas as aerospace.

LPWAN is another recent development for large-scale connectivity. This technology allows small amounts of data over longer distances, using minimal power. Potential applications include agriculture and the development of smart cities.

Established Services

One of the most popular connectivity options is Wi-Fi. This continues to be one of the best choices for buildings with high data usage. It allows much faster data transmission than most cellular services, and one network allows multiple users. The speed and user capacity of Wi-Fi makes it one of the best options for business and home users.

Another choice for small-scale device communication is Bluetooth. A Bluetooth network allows smaller electronics to connect with one another, but generally does not have the bandwidth to support large data packets. It is a good choice for users who wish to extend device battery life, or who wish to connect tablets and cell phones to other devices.

Quality Design

Wireless design services meet the needs of consumers and professionals in many industries. Working with experts helps consumers to select the best products, and gives them the peace of mind of knowing they have modern and reliable services.