Published On: Thu, Oct 15th, 2015

How to choose the best high speed business internet in Toronto.

Are you on the hunt for the best high speed Internet in Toronto? Are you looking for the best Internet for small business?

How to choose the best high speed business internet in Toronto.

These are two questions that need to be considered when choosing a Internet service provider (ISP). The best Internet in Toronto for personal use may not be the same as for business use. Everybody has heard of the large providers such as Rogers or Bell, so they won’t be mentioned again, but these may not necessarily offer the best “bang for your buck”. Don’t worry though; there are other alternative Internet service providers for you to get set up with. Most common are the Internet service providers that cater to the consumer market but many also specialize in businesses.

The following is a run-down of some of what else is out there.


Marketed as an Internet for business provider, Broadconnect’s Internet is VoIP. This Internet service provider uses a blazing-fast network, nationwide offering premium data and communications solutions. Services include ADSL, VDSL and Bonded solutions. Although a more business oriented model, if this is what you are looking for, check them out. They have excellent customer service and will ensure your Internet is operating perfectly.


This provider offers a good range of over twelve DSL and Cable Internet packages. The customer service is friendly and efficient and you will likely be able to find a package that suits your usage at an affordable price. If you’re in the mood for a throwback, TekSavvy also offers dial-up.


Offering cable, higher speed FTTN and lower-speed DSL connections this is another affordable small provider. Besides offering higher-speed FTTN connections the company also offers some of the most affordable unlimited data plans.


Probably the biggest alternative provider in the nation, Primus offers a large variety of wireless services. This includes phone and VoIP services. Take note however that speeds available can depend largely on your neighborhood.


This provider offers locations nationwide in B.C, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec. Available services include DSL, cable and FTTN connections. All service packages from entry-level DSL service up to their 60 Mbps cable service offers unlimited downloads.


Based out of Toronto this provider is mainly known for its work in Android-based television. If that were all, it wouldn’t have made it onto this list. Guess what? They are also an Internet service provider (ISP). Choices for plans are somewhat limited but the prices are affordable.


This company is aimed at being the most affordable Internet service provider out there. They offer a wide variety of DSL plans for you to choose from. The catch is tech-support costs extra. Perhaps this isn’t all together a bad thing as many savvy users could enjoy not paying for other people’s tech support.

Electronic Box

Until last year this company was only in business in Quebec. They have since entered the Ontario market, offering massive bandwidth plans for cheap prices. DSL plans also offer unlimited late night downloading. Users wouldn’t necessarily have to pay for an unlimited plan to enjoy the benefits of one.

Keep in mind, Rogers and Bell own the entire infrastructure used for   and many of the companies listed here are third part-party carriers. The Internet services that are being re-sold are purchased at a wholesale rate. This does not mean the providers or the services are inferior in any way, just that the large companies are still going to be getting some of your money. There are also over 100 other Internet service providers available for you to choose, so take this list as a starting block for your search.