Published On: Fri, Apr 15th, 2016

Why Gamers Prefer Buying Pre-Built Rigs

You might think that the world of computer gaming got dominated by consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One. But, there is a large and growing amount of people that play on their PCs.

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The benefits of doing so are vast. For a start, one can upgrade any component in their PCs. Games consoles have proprietary hardware and are seldom upgradeable. And then there is the price. PCs are more cost-effective to build than buying consoles and accessories.

Many gamers will have spent their time building bespoke rigs. But, an unlikely trend is gaining traction these days. More gamers are opting for pre-built gaming rigs! Intrigued, I set out to learn more about why that was the case. Here is what I discovered:

They are cheaper than self-build systems

There was once a time where one could save tens, if not hundreds off the price by building PCs themselves. Especially when compared to certain retail stores that sold computers. Nowadays, it’s much cheaper to buy gaming PCs.

After talking to some industry experts on the subject, I discovered two main reasons for that. First of all, gaming PC manufacturers can buy components at much lower prices. That means they can be more competitive in the retail market. And, second, they buy large volumes of those parts. When that happens, the retail price of components gets affected.

Cost is an issue with many gamers when building new rigs. That’s why it makes sense to buy something built by a third party.

They are more reliable

Although they won’t admit it, some gamers are just terrible at building computers! They might use unorthodox means to install hardware in their cases, for instance. This could result in premature parts failure. They may even source components that don’t come from reputable and reliable brands.

Gaming PC manufacturers invest a lot of time and money in building systems that work well. They know if they sell second-rate computers, their reputation will get damaged. Gamers aren’t so bothered and so many will end up “cutting corners” to save money.

They look amazing

Gaming rigs get specified for two reasons: performance and looks. Sure, one could take care of the first requirement with relative ease. But, when it comes to PC styling, some gamers lack the creative flair needed.

Gaming PC manufacturers get their cases styled by expert product designers. As a result, consumers have a choice of eye-catching designs to select from.

Upgrading is easy

Of course, some gamers can’t resist the temptation to modify their pre-built gaming rigs. They might wish to add LED lighting or water cooling, for example.

The beauty of pre-built systems is gamers can upgrade components with ease. Some manufacturers offer innovative, time-saving features. For instance, they might provide “trays” that one can install drives on. The traditional method would, of course, involve screwing them onto the case chassis.


There is still a following of hardcore gamers that will only build their PCs themselves. But, as more of us yearn for convenience and savings, we will usually opt for pre-built systems first.