Published On: Thu, Aug 18th, 2016

Top Tech to Boost Your Business

Modern technology can help you to run your own business more easily than ever, many people claim that their business ‘runs itself’ but this is only due to the excellent technology we have these days. But with so many different programmes out there it can leave you wondering where to start. What do you really need to invest in for your business? Here are some of the technology and software programmes out there right now that are well worth getting on board with in order to protect and boost your business.

Top Tech to Boost Your Business

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Technology

CRM is software which allows you to plan your interactions with customers quickly and efficiently. It means you can keep all of the contact information for your customers in one place, alongside other detailed information. This includes things like the products they have purchased, the feedback they have given you and any marketing materials you have already shown them. By doing this you can offer excellent customer service as well as target information based on their purchases and preferences. Knowing your customers in this way allows you to specifically market products towards them, leading to further sales.

Cloud Online Backup Software

Online backup software such as that from BackupVault protects the information on your network. It encrypts the data and sending to secure servers, meaning that if anything happens to your computers your information is safe. This is much safer than backing up to physical disks and hard drives since any problems with your computers could also affect these backups. For example a flood, fire or even a robbery could well lead to the backups being taken as well as the original computers. When you use a cloud based backup service, some software runs on the server and performs a backup. This information is then encrypted for safety and stored.

Accounting Software

A big part of running your own business is keeping good accounts. While you’ll probably have an accountant to do the hard stuff, you’ll still need to keep efficient records. Good accounting software will mean either you’re able to do your books yourself, or at least do most of the work so you’re not having to spend as much money paying an accountant for more hours. Old methods of accounting such as paper records or Excel can slow or even jeopardise your business, more efficient methods are the way to go. They’re more accurate, will save you time and can be saved to that all important cloud based backup service mentioned above.

A Blogging Platform

We all know the benefits of running a business blog. It helps drive traffic to your website, it means more pages are being indexed by search engines boosting your pagerank. It establishes authority and helps to spread the word about your website through social media shares. Choose your blogging platform- Blogger and WordPress are popular choices- and write regular engaging content in order to draw in potential customers in and boost business. Ensure that your blog is optimised for all devices, and include share links at the end of your posts to make them easy for people to share.

Business Presentation Software

If you are selling products, your salespeople will need a great pitch and a presentation to engage potential clients and customers. Your first thought might be Microsoft Powerpoint but there are a whole host of other programmes out there, many which will likely suit the needs of your business more. For example, some software programmes will have made presentation themes which is useful if you don’t have a designer on board. Some are simple, others give you the ability to create more complex presentations. Find one that’s suitable, and set up a killer presentation to really boost your business.

Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing software gives you tools that are quick and easy to use, and can help to boost your business. Email marketing attracts new customers as well as maintains relationships with loyal customers; it has a large reach and has been shown to lead to conversions in the form of leads and sales. Unlike social networks, email will always be around and is a quick and efficient way to deliver a message to your customers. It is a proven method to promote your business, and finding the right email marketing tools are key. Different packages will offer different features and levels of support. Go for one with a great user interface, that is simple and quick to use and ticks all of the boxes for everything you need for your business.