Published On: Wed, Oct 12th, 2016

Tips for Managing Social Media in a Highly Regulated Industry

When you work in a highly regulated industry, such as the vaping industry for example, you need to be extra careful about how you market your brand and your products to the public. And you also need to keep the following tips in mind when you’re managing your social media accounts.

Managing Social Media

Make Sure You’re Always Compliant with Regulations

In order to be compliant with the regulations of your industry, you need to know what those regulations are, so definitely do your research, especially when it comes to the regulations that you’ll need to adhere to in the online space. So, for example, you shouldn’t set up an eliquid marketing plan for social media until you know exactly what’s allowed and what isn’t allowed in your particular industry.

Create a Checklist to Follow

If you make a list of things that you need to do on social media, you can stay organized and be certain that you’re always presenting your information in a way that’s not only effective, but also correct according to the regulations of your industry. You can also use a helpful list to stay on track of what you should post and when a post should be made, according to regulations.

Have All of Your Posts Reviewed Beforehand

Another good strategy to follow when it comes to managing your social media accounts is always having someone review the posts before they go live. This can prevent a host of problems and ensure that you never get into any trouble.

If you work in an industry that is highly regulated, you know that your content could be sensitive, so create a list that determines if:

  • The post’s information includes the necessary basic information
  • The post is compliant with your industry’s regulations
  • The post’s grammar is correct
  • The post’s information is accurate
  • The post’s links work.

Have the posts reviewed and then approved by superiors before they go online.

Always Personalize Your Posts

To differentiate yourself from the competition in your industry, make every post on your social media pages a personalized one that will make people relate to you and feel comfortable following you.

Set up a series of thought provoking posts and encourage conversations, but relate your products to the content. You can also post meaningful content that updates your target audience on the issues that are relevant to your industry and your company. Again, every post needs to follow regulations.

Once you have discovered how to make your posts personalized to your brand, it will also be easier to ensure that your content is consistent in terms of its tone and voice. Apply the same tone to all of your posts on all of your social media accounts, from Twitter to Instagram.

Start implementing these social media tips if your business operates within an industry that is highly regulated. They will help you stay on the right track so that you can avoid problems while attracting your target audience and effectively increasing sales and profits.