Published On: Mon, Feb 22nd, 2016

Tips for Applying for Jobs Online

You may remember the old days and how you applied for jobs in your past. You probably spent weeks looking through the classified ads in your local newspaper, sending copies of your resume to dozens of companies and waiting by the phone for a call. If you pick up a paper today, you’ll find far fewer jobs listed than you did in the past. Most employers now put their open positions on job seeking websites and on their own sites. When you want to land a better job, you should look at tips you can use when applying for jobs online.


Tailor Your Resume and Cover Letter

A common mistake made among job hunters is that they write one resume and one cover letter that they use for all positions. This is a mistake because it does not leave an impression in the mind of the individual reading it. You should always tailor or customize both your resume and cover letter based on that specific job. Find ways to incorporate some of the skills required, education needed and keywords used in that description. You should also address the cover letter to someone working in the HR department of the company like a hiring manager.

Double Check the Application

Companies like UKPC list all open positions on an official website and give you the chance to create an account when applying for one of those jobs. That account may function as your resume. Go over each piece of information you list carefully to look for any grammar mistakes or misspellings. Before submitting the application, always look at each step to ensure you completed it. You may find that you forgot to include your cell phone number or that you listed the wrong email address. Some companies may require that you take online tests before submitting an application also.

Verify Your References

When you mail your resume to an employer, you generally leave off your references unless explicitly stated in the job posting. With online applications, employers often ask for two to five references. List employers, coworkers, supervisors and even former professors who can talk about your work. Always ask those individuals for permission to list them as references, and alert them when you submit a new resume or reference list. Verifying your references, tailoring your resume and cover letter and double checking your application can help you apply for a job online.