Published On: Sat, Jul 25th, 2015

Sims Game for PC- The ultimate Simulation Experience

Wanna play your own real life role in a game? Well, we have brought to you, one of the all time best simulation games – The Sims Free play PC. Developed by Firemonkeys Studios and EA, it is a perfect life simulation game where you can play the role of your own real life and win exciting prizes, in the form of currencies and game advancements. Sims Free Play PC runs in real time, unlike other Sims games, whose time is user controlled. There are various designs and Sim outfits which you can choose from. Just like real life, there can be couples and children too. But unfortunately, only married one can have kids.

Sims Free Play PC

The Features: – Apart from the exciting game plan the Sims Free Play PC is power packed with some amazing features like-
• Different living styles for the Sims
• Real looking houses and interiors.
• Real life like socializing events comprising celebrations, matrimony, having babies etc.
• Experience every juncture of life from babyhood to old age.
• Show affection to your puppies and other pets.
• Conquering enormous other quests and winning exciting prizes.
The Game Plan- In the beginning, you will be given some empty space to build your own house. Of course, you will be given maps to choose from to design your dream house. You can design the house with rooms, doors, windows, curtains and even swimming pool, from the endless given design options. You can have the Sims of your choice with special outfits and even hairstyles. Not only this, you keep getting guidance throughout the game.
After completing house, you have to step into the shoes of the Sims. Set targets like choosing careers, socializing with neighbours and friends, gardening, planting crops etc. Each types of tasks has separate rewards, in the form of currency like Simoleons, Life Points and Social Points.

The adults can choose from various career options like being a musician, actor, athlete, politician, teacher, an artist or even a scientist, which they have to achieve. The career paths are guided by training centres like movie studio, education points, recording studio etc, which guide you in achieving the career targets. The teens in the house do their routine work like schooling or playing in the mean time. Keep in mind that, like normal human beings, Sims also need entertainment and rest for which there are various hobbies like cooking, bowling, dancing, fishing and modelling. There are diverse locations for roaming around like, restaurants, community centres, night clubs, shops, malls, clubs etc. Each activity gives you certain currency points to move ahead. Some of the features come under in-App purchases as well.
How to download – Sims Free Play PC can be easily downloaded by using the famous Android Emulator, the Bluestacks. All you have to do is search for the game by typing Sims free Play PC and download the most exciting game ever. Just Install and play the real life game.

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