Published On: Mon, Jun 27th, 2016

Save Any Music You Encounter with Movavi Screen Capture Studio

Sometimes you may be watching a video on your computer, listening to internet radio, or even just browsing on certain websites – and you may encounter some music you really like. The only problem is that you probably won’t be able to find out the song name or artist, which will make it difficult to obtain it.

record sound from computer

In any case, there is a much easier way to save that music so that you can listen to it whenever you like. By using Movavi Screen Capture Studio, you can record any music (or any sound in general, really) from your computer and then save it on your hard drive.

If you’re worried that all that sounds a little bit complicated – don’t be. To be entirely honest, the only things you need to do to record sound from computer is:

  1. Launch Movavi Screen Capture Studio and select the ‘Record Audio’ option in the main menu.
  2. Choose the device that you want to capture audio from – which in this case will probably be your speakers.
  3. Set the destination folder where you want to save the music that you record.
  4. Click ‘Start Capture’ to begin recording the music from your computer and ‘Stop Capture’ when it is done.
  5. The music you recorded will have been automatically saved in the destination folder and you can listen to it whenever you want to.

While using Movavi Screen Capture Studio to save music that you find interesting is going to be useful, the software is actually able to do a lot more. It is a full-fledged screen capture software that can also edit both audio and videos – so in this case you may want to use it to trim any parts of the audio that you record and adjust the sound levels if need be.

Alternatively you could do a bit more than that and add a video to go along with the music that you’ve recorded. It has features that will allow you to cut and combine video segments, enhance the video quality, add customizable text, apply special effects and filters, and much more.

By exploring the full length and breadth of the features in Movavi Screen Capture Studio, you’ll start to see that you can really do quite a lot with it. Whether you want to simply use it to save music, or also grab online video streams, create video tutorials and guides, record Skype calls, and much more – the choice is going to be entirely yours.