Published On: Sat, Jan 21st, 2017

Nexdock Turns Intel Compute Card Into a Laptop

Intel recently announced the new Nexdock that adds support for the Compute card at Consumer Electronics Show CES 2017. It is a credit card sized device which essentially a full computer laptop, complete with CPU, graphic processor, RAM, Internal storage and wireless connectivity. The Compute card is a self-contained PC, which comes with a dimesions of 95 mm by 55 mm by 5 mm.


The new Nexdock is a revolutionary docking unit in two-in-one laptop form that harnesses the productivity of Intel Compute cards, smartphone and mini PCs. Nexdock will be designing its next iteration with a Compute card in mind while continuing to suport the current Windows 10 Mobile with continum concept while adding in support for Raspberry Pi single-board computers and devices with USB-C connections.

The credit card sized laptop is equipped with a seventh generation Intel Core vPro processor, that can handle the toughest computing needs and makes it a powerfull mini laptop.

The Nexdock features a Full HD display with touchscreen and two slot also present on the sides of the device. One slot is for the Compute card, which contains the actual computer of the device and a second slot for a larger, custom USB-C module for swapping in and out ports and battery life as the situation requires. The laptop can be converted into different form factors using keyboard and kickstand accessories. Nexdock is to launch simultaneously with the Intel Compute card in the mid of 2017.