Published On: Mon, Sep 14th, 2015

Modern Worker Safety: Android and iOS Apps That Enhance Protection

Looking for a way to protect your workers and make them safer on the job? There’s an app for that.

If it’s been a while since you last updated your safety procedures, now might be the perfect time to do so. And, you can take advantage of some of the new applications on the market that are making it easier than ever to ensure a safer, more productive, workplace.


The HabitatMap is an Android application for recording and mapping health and environmental data – all on your mobile. Each session lets you capture real-world measurements and annotate the data so you can tell your story. Then, you share that data with others through the CrowdMap.

Workers wear wearable sensors that detect changes in the environment, and physiology. This data could be used on-site to warn others about air quality and environmental changes, or to collect data over time about environmental and air quality trends at work.

AIRNow Mobile App

AIRNow Mobile App

The AIRNow mobile application gives users real-time air quality information which can be used to protect workers’ health when planning their day. They get location-specific reports on current air quality and air quality forecasts.

The forecasts include ozone and fine particle pollution, with air quality maps from the AIRNow website providing a visual depiction of the current and forecasted air quality nationwide.

Cargo Decoder App

Ever wanted to know what’s in the truck or tanker next to you? Now you can with Cargo Decoder. Enter the 4 digit DOT placard to see what’s inside. The app doesn’t use network bandwidth, so information will always be available, even when a cell network isn’t.

ChemAlert App

Liability specialists like Slater and Gordon regularly see business liability claimsdeal in figures, of thousands, tens of thousands and oftentimes much more than that as well.One of the most serious liability claims is safety when it comes to dangerous chemicals. Every effort must be made to avoid these outcomes and increase safety awareness. With the ChemAlert app, key chemical safety management information is available to all employees on their mobile.

Information, from Risk and Safety Phrases, First Aid Information, to recommended Personal protective Equipment is contained in the app. Employees no longer have to find and sift through multiple manuals to look for information on the job.

Chemical Compatibility Database App

The Chemical Compatibility Database app lets employees find the right material and chemical compatibility for storage, use, and transportation. The app draws on many years of research on chemical compatibility for plastics, metals, ceramics, and elastomers and contains more than 24,000 entries which cover 584 different chemicals and 42 materials.

If you own a business that keeps chemicals or materials onsite which must be handled by employees, this app is almost a practical necessity.

Chemical Safety Data Sheets App

The Chemical Safety Data Sheet app displays international Chemical Safety Cards produced by the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP), the International Labour Office (ILO), and the World Health Organization (WHO).

ICSCs give your workers access to summary data about essential health and safety information concerning potentially dangerous chemicals that they work with.


Laura Bray works as a health and safety training officer. She likes to share work related tips and insights online. Laura’s posts are mainly found on workplace safety and general lifestyle blogs.