Published On: Tue, Jul 19th, 2016

Make The Most of Shopping Online

Binge watching and binge surfing have emerged as huge pass times for so many Americans. After a long day at the office and quality time at the gym, many of us are ready to unwind. That often means either watching a favorite TV show and/or surfing online. Whether you’re to make a compare options for making a purchase, booking a vacation or catching up on the news, follow these suggestions from the pros to get the best search engine results on your smartphone or tablet.

Shopping Online

Often aggregate sites will have the same merchandise as an individual retailer. Some of the items found on the Groupon Coupon Rue21 website can also be found on other larger aggregate sites or even re-sellers. Check prices carefully as well as delivery charges and return policies. Often your best deals come directly from the online retail store specific websites.  The same is often the case when booking travel on line. The exception to this can be with the booking of vacation packages. Often the aggregators are able to bundle hotels, airline flights, transfers and car rentals at a cheaper rates that individual travel providers can by partnering with other travel sites. Again, check the fine print carefully to avoid any unexpected surprises should your need to cancel or rebook your trip.

There has literally been an explosion of news site on the internet in the last five years.  Unless you’re on an established site, be wary of the information and it validity. Fact checking sites are growing as quickly as sites spreading untruths and fabrications are multiply. Also be aware that a lot of the so called news sites are filled with spyware and dangerous viruses that can attack your hard drive without you realizing. Confirm your firewall settings and security software settings before venturing onto these sites.

Finally, confirm that the padlock icon is present on the search bar prior to putting any personal financial information on a website.  For even greater protection, consider using one of the third party payment sites that links independently to your bank account or credit card. Happy surfing!