Published On: Tue, Aug 2nd, 2016

Kodi Edition Raspberry Pi Case, Perfect Match For Your TV

Kodi Edition Raspberry Pi Case has been released which takes the form of the awesome Raspberry Pi case created by Flirc that provides a solid aluminium casing to transport your Raspberry Pi case without the worry of it getting damaged. The Raspberry Pi has been and still continues to be one of the small wonders of the computing world. Each and every new model sells out in minutes, which is not exactly shocking given its dirt cheap price. The small computer that could have powered all sorts of DIY projects, hacks, and other kinds of amazing stuff. And, of course, it powers DIY home media centers as well.

A Kodi case designed to house a Raspberry Pi 3 and turn it into a proper nice little box you can put on any vacant bit of shelving below your TV. The Kodi Edition Raspberry Pi case is apparently a limited run special thing, it built for the company by US-based manufacturer Flirc.

kodi case

The case is a custom version of one already offered by FLIRC, and it supports the Raspberry Pi 3, Raspberry Pi 2, and Raspberry Pi Model B+. If you have one of the older models, you will be able to see the computer’s LEDs through a cutout in the case. Since the Raspberry Pi 3 has LEDs in a different position, they’re not visible in the case.

The new Kodi Edition Raspberry Pi case is a limited-edition enclosure for the Raspberry Pi featuring the Kodi logo on top and cut-outs for all of the Raspberry Pi’s ports, and an aluminum core that provide protection for the computer and which also acts as a passive heat sink.