Published On: Fri, Oct 23rd, 2015

Different Types Of Search Engine Optimisation Services Available

Most site owners think that all search engine optimisation services are exactly the same. That is definitely not the case. There are many differences and campaign types that can be started. Based on the site type, some options are better than others. It is important to understand differences before you will agree to an SEO package.

Search Engine Optimisation

In order to help site owners receive the services that would be the most beneficial, here are the most common search engine optimisation service types you could consider.

Local SEO

This basically means that the search engine optimisation campaign would focus on increasing rankings for specific keywords in an area. In case you did not know, Google now shows different results based on the location that the user is in. A local SEO campaign would be focused on ranking increases in a specific geographical location. For instance, if your company sells services in Georgia, the specialists would remain focused on increasing keyword rankings for potential customers that would use Google in Georgia.

On-Site SEO

On-site search engine optimisation practically involves absolutely all the work that is done by the specialist on the site of the client. This includes everything from modifying texts to HTML coding. It is important to understand that sites can only grow in rankings if they are ready to grow. Most business owners do not know what has to be done so the actual SEO structure of a site is damaged. An on-site campaign practically means that work is done only on the site.

Off-Site SEO

This is practically the opposite of on-site SEO. It involves any optimisation action that is done without modifying the website. Examples of actions that are performed in this search engine optimisation campaign include link building and branding campaigns.

Off-site search engine optimisation stands out as a really important part of ranking a website for any keyword. It is vital that you always work with professionals that really know what they are doing. While it is possible that anyone can take care of on-site SEO because of the tutorials that are present on the internet, the same thing cannot be said about off-site SEO. In this case it is really important that you always work with a specialized professional. One thing that many do not know is that when off-site SEO is improperly done, it can read towards negative rankings for websites.

Google Penalty Removal

In the event that bad SEO work was done in the past, it is possible for the site to be penalized by Google. If that happens, you want to remove the penalty. Unfortunately, out of the many different website SEO services that you can use, this is the one that is the most expensive. It is really difficult to get rid of the penalty as the process involves a lot of manual work, ranging from contacting site owners to remove links to adding toxic links in Google Webmaster Tools through a special disavow tool. It is always best to do proper SEO work than to remove penalties.