Published On: Wed, Nov 2nd, 2016

4 Ways to Encourage Honest Customer Feedback

Knowing whether or not your customers are truly happy with your products, services, and the customer service that they receive from your company is important – the answers that they give could be significant in shaping and influencing any future decisions that you make regarding your business, policies, processes, products, and even your employees. But, finding out the honest truth from your customers can be a little tricky – after all, most people are tired of pop-up surveys on websites or automated phone surveys after hanging up after a call with a customer service operative. We’ve put together some top tips and tricks to help you get more honest, genuine feedback from your customers.

4 Ways to Encourage Honest Customer Feedback


Although surveys that pop-up and give customers little chance but to take them can be irritating, there’s no need to completely rule out surveys when it comes to giving your customers a chance to share with you their feelings and opinions about your company. For example, if you’re hoping to discover what your customers really think about the way that their call is handled when they get in touch with your contact centre, using links to online call centre surveys, which customers can visit and fill in on their own time, can be a great way of encouraging them to give you honest and useful feedback. Feedback from these can then be used to make important improvements.

Social Media

There’s a reason social media has become so popular in recent years – people love to share their opinions, views and ideas with others online! When gaining customer feedback, social media sites such as Facebook can be very useful tools. Asking customers to comment and leave their feedback, allowing reviews to be left on your company social media profile, or perhaps even posting and sharing an easy-to-use online poll that customers can take part in, are all excellent ways of utilising social media and networking for improving the overall customer experience that you offer.

Ask For Ideas

Since your customers are an integral part of your business who make things such as profitability and business growth come true by purchasing products and recommending your company to their family and friends, discovering what they actually want from your company is a crucial step in improving customer satisfaction. When asked to share their own ideas and suggestions for improvement, customers will most usually be more prepared to give honest feedback, as it’s a great chance for their voice to be heard and perhaps also see their input used in improving the businesses that they purchase from.

Offer a Prize

Many businesses have had a lot of success when combining surveys and other methods of gaining customer feedback with a contest or competition for a prize. Offering your customers the chance to win something such as free vouchers to spend with your company, or even the chance to be the first to test a new product or service free of charge, can be an excellent strategy for encouraging them to leave honest and genuine feedback.

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