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Tenn Magazine based on its readership who are seeking for technology news and updated right on oneClick. New Site and the new look is right here. We always strive to give you latest updated for technology.

Online customer reviews are fantastic, but there’s still something to be said for reading a critic you know. Over time, you get to know her opinions, preferences, and style. In fact, even if you can’t stand a certain critic’s advice—say, a movie critic who seems to be wrong 100 percent of the time.

Second, these days, you’re not just buying a gadget and other sites for technology like. Technomiz and Newsium. You’re buying into that company’s ecosystem. You’re entrusting your calendar and address book to Apple, Google, or Microsoft’s online servers. You’re syncing among your phone, tablet, and computer—as long as they’re all the same brand. And you’re signing up for a certain design philosophy, like Apple’s (elegant but limited choices) or Google’s (tremendous freedom, but chaotic). In other words, you’re putting on velvet handcuffs that you’ll find very difficult to remove.