Published On: Mon, Dec 17th, 2018

Yuneec Mantis Q Foldable 4K Camera Drone lets you enjoy the fun of the flight wherever you’re

Yuneec has brought the Mantis Q, a consumer drone with an integrated 4K camera, digital image stabilization and voice control. The model is designed for each outdoors and indoor use, utilising down-going through twin sensor alongside infrared detection to navigation inside buildings. Mantis Q includes a controller with a smartphone mount similarly to the voice control.

Yuneec Mantis Q Foldable 4K Camera Drone Design

Yuneec Mantis Q is small and light-weight at 16.7 x 9.7 x 5.6cm / 6.6 x 3.8 x 2.2in when folded; it weights of 0.5kg / 1lb. The drone’s included camera helps recording video and capturing snap shots at 4800 x 2700 (16:9) and 4160 x 3120 (4:3), as well as recording full HD video with digital stabilization. Nonetheless photos are saved to a microSD card in either DNG or JPEG codecs.


Yuneec Mantis Q Foldable 4K Camera Drone Features

The drone has three automatic flight modes: “adventure mode,” which flies on a directly, exact route; “point of interest,” which circles an assigned item; and “return to home,” which routinely returns the drone near its takeoff place. The Mantis Q is supposed so as to understand faces from up to thirteen feet away and can take pix either through gesture control mode if the consumer waves their hand, or through a voice command like, “Take a selfie.”

The Mantis Q has a flight time of up to 33 minutes and a top pace of 44mph / 71kph, as well as a drone racing mode with a live video feed this is offered on a smartphone.

Yuneec Mantis Q Foldable 4K Camera Drone Price

Yuneec is now accepting pre-orders for Mantis Q. The drone with a controller, single battery, spare propellers, a three-port charger, power supply, and USB cable is $499.99 USD. There’s also an X-Pack that adds three batteries and a travel shoulder bag for $649.99 USD.