Published On: Wed, Oct 7th, 2015

Top Tips For Keeping Your Gadgets Secure

We all have a number of gadgets on us at any one time, whether it be smartphones, tablets, laptops or digital cameras. They have changed the way we operate – largely for the better – but they have also opened up a world full of problems.

Your gadgets are expensive, and they are enticing for opportunistic thieves and bag snatchers. But, it’s what is inside them that could do real damage to your life. Sensitive data such as your bank details, your correspondence – and even the odd picture or two that could be used to blackmail you. If someone were to get their hands on your phone, have you taken enough steps to prevent them from taking even more?


In this guide, we’re going to reveal some great tips for keeping your data secure. Let’s face it, if you suffer the horrible experience of being robbed on the street, it’s best just to hand over what you have. But this advice can help you keep everything else safe.

Hide your gadgets

First thing’s first, the best way to keep your gadget secure is to keep it hidden from plain view. If nobody can see it, they won’t know it’s there. That cancels out the vast majority of opportunistic thefts that make up most of the statistics. Sure, there may be thieves that target you personally, but these cases are rare – and there won’t be much you can do in any case.

Know your gadget

All devices have a particular serial number that can prove it is yours if it is ever stolen and found. Make sure you write it down somewhere safe. It’s also worth investigating whether or not you can register your gadget. Some police forces run schemes like this, as do some insurance companies. Once it is registered, it will help you prove your ownership if you can track it down.

Tracking software

Most modern phones can be tracked easily enough – so either use your phone’s stock app or look for one in the relevant app store. Of course, should you ever suffer from theft, it’s best not to go hunting your device down – but you can hand over the info to the police.

Use ID Authentication

Your device will be useless to any thief if they can’t get it to work. There are plenty of products out there that can give your device protection. Head over to this guide on identity authentication to find out more. The right product will save your personal and private data from getting into the wrong hands. And, a potentially embarrassing situation.

Keep your software updated

The last point to make is a simple one – but many people forget about it. It is vital that you keep all your software updated as soon as that update is available. Hackers are always looking for ways to break into software, and it’s those updates that help keep them locked out. It takes just minutes of your day, and only once in awhile. And, most importantly, it will keep your gadget secure.