Published On: Wed, Feb 18th, 2015

Top 5 iPhone Prank Apps

There are many ways you can have fun with on your Phone, but in this piece we are focusing on prank apps. The reaction from your friends and family when you use these apps on them is bound to leave you laughing for hours!


If you have recently bought your phone and are yet to unlock it, go to a service like to get it done in minutes. Unlocking an iPhone is easy these days, so you can be having fun with your phone before you have time to say colour television prank.

These apps can be used anytime and anywhere to rib cracking effect, as long as the individual you are trying to prank doesn’t know of the app already!


This apps creates the illusion of a broken iPhone screen. To use this app, you need to take a screenshot of an iPhone screen and then upload it to the app. The app then adds a broken screen effect over the picture. This is a scary prank that you can play on anyone as long as you can get a screenshot of their iPhone screen!

Atomic Fart FREE

This is one of the most popular apps in the Apple iTunes store, and it is easy to see why. With this app, you can produce funny flatulent sounds by pushing the launch button and selecting any type of noise you’d love. This may be an awful way to have fun to some, but for others, with a better sense of humour, and a bit more of a child-like spirit, it is a great app to have. It also allows you to set timers if you want to delay the sound.


With this app, you can boast of having a friendly conversation with any A-list celebrity of your choice. All you need to do is to prepare a text message, select the name of a famous celebrity and set a delivery time for the message. The app can also make fake calls so you can enjoy calls from President Obama, Queen Elizabeth, David Cameron or Jay-Z!

Screams Prank

With screams prank, you can create as many terrifying scream sounds as you like. Simply set the app and put your phone out of sight to enjoy the reaction from unsuspecting listeners!

Fingerprint Security Scanner

This is a great app for you if other people are constantly trying to use your iPhone. While you are away from your phone, this app will show a pop up screen that will discourage them from trying to use the phone. The screen is incredibly surreal so it usually works.

These are some basic prank apps you can use to have fun while you are hanging out with your friends, or relaxing with your family at home. It’s fine to be serious some of the time, but the rest you should live with a sense of humour and have some fun with other; or at others’ expense.