Published On: Tue, Oct 6th, 2015

There Are Some Mobile App Development Companies Worth Every Penny Of Your Investment

Ten years ago, mobile apps meant very little to the general population. For many of us, it’s odd to imagine 2005 was a decade ago, but a brief glance at the popular phones of the era can demonstrate how far we’ve come—remember Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, Spring Nextel, and Cingular models? Voice commands, 64MB memory, QWERTY keyboards, and 1.3 megapixel cameras were hot commodities!

Mobile App DevelopmentAs smartphones arrived, became ever more sophisticated, and soon became ubiquitous, mobile apps in turn became the most lucrative way to invest in the mobile market and reach your customer base. Well designed and properly targeted applications can do much more than simply kill time; they act as a form of advanced, interactive marketing, offer additional value to your products, provide another stream of revenue, or provide exclusive and hard-to-find data about your clientele. With all the benefits apps now offer, it’s easy to realize how much every business needs them. The hard part involves finding the right team to actually build them!

As a general and preliminary piece of advice, we recommend you only do business with top-level, leading-edge mobile application development companies. While there are certainly small time, freelance, e-lance, or even free app builders on the market, you can never be certain about the quality these quick-fix solutions might (or might not) provide. To really ensure a superior product, turn to companies that work with applications exclusively, who code in-house, and who pride themselves on turning around the best applications money can buy.

Of course, you’ll want to check out each company’s portfolio. This is the most important component (and question you need to ask!) when hiring a developer, according to A prospective app development company’s portfolio will be your best way to see their quality of work. Mobile app development companies each have their own style and employ vastly different sets of designers. The best organizations will have completed apps for multiple programming platforms and operating systems, and will have specialized task forces for each service and industry. They should be extremely forthcoming about their past projects and happy to share with you at a moment’s notice — no authentically qualified and lauded company would be shy about their work! Just ask a top developer like Clearbridge Mobile, whose partners include Disney, The New York Times, and PayPal.

App developers need to be upfront about communication; indeed, they should cherish it as an essential part of the creative process. Misunderstandings and misinterpretations have lasting consequences that require lots of time and money to fix—as each component of an application relies on the next, having to change one piece could mean scrapping a huge portion of the project and starting over. The top mobile app development companies Clearbridge Mobile will schedule regular meetings with you to go over every step in adequate detail. While each stage of the development will be completed quickly and professionally, they’ll wait for you go-ahead before moving on each time.

Another important consideration involves rights and ownership. Generally speaking, the company paying for the app will retain ownership of it, but sometimes this isn’t the case. Some companies develop apps for businesses, but actually maintain their rights to the app and can make changes to it as they see fit once the development is finished. Any revenue earned by the app would thus go to them, and the company that paid for the development is basically just getting the app as a marketing tool. If you plan on earning any revenue from your app, be sure that you’ll actually retain the rights to it when the development process is all said and done.

In the end, there are many more considerations to make, but this is, after all, an important and crucial decision. For many companies, the success of an innovative application can permanently improve their reputation and financial security. We’ve come a long way from early flip phones or slider phones, so just as the telecommunications world has undergone radical transformation, don’t get stuck in the past with your mobile application initiatives. Work with a top-tier app developer like Clearbridge Mobile today and embrace this amazing technological shift. It will help you keep your app on the forefront of the mobile development evolution!