Published On: Tue, Feb 14th, 2017

The ReMarkable Tablet Is Available For Pre-Order

The reMarkable isn’t a Kindle, you chump, but it’s cut from the same cloth: E Ink. To be precise, this 10.3-inch tablet uses an advanced form of E Ink that its creators have dubbed the CANVAS display. That’s supposed to offer a paper-like experience that makes it ideal for readers, writers and sketchers.

This 10.3-inch Kindle-esque screen not only looks like paper, but it also delivers a very low latency of 55ms, means that you can write or draw on it with the included pen without noticeable delay.

As a digital device, reMarkable has some advantages over paper: It reduces clutter and waste, syncs with all your devices via the cloud, and documents can easily be re-organized and shared.

reMarkable Tablet Display:

The black-and-white CANVAS display features no glass parts, ‘looks and feels like paper’ and offers crisp, ink-like black tones. The 1872 x 1404-pixel, 226 DPI panel is powered in part by E-ink technology and is the product of a collaboration between the Norwegian company reMarkable and E Ink, Taiwan-based company that develops the screens.



reMarkable Tablet Specs:

Spec-wise, the reMarkable features 8GB of onboard storage, it’s powered by a 1GHz ARM A9 CPU and runs Codex — a custom Linux OS optimized for e-paper. Weighing in at 350 grams, it is considerably heavier than your traditional paper notepad, but not much more than an Apple iPad mini. Featuring no glass parts and battery life of around a couple of days, reMarkable seems to have struck a decent balance between portability and endurance.

Of course, reMarkable also comes out with all the benefits of using technology in place of paper, allowing users to back up their sketches or notes to the company’s cloud service.

You will also be able to view documents, powerpoint presentations, and textbooks on the tablet, but what’s impressive is the ability to write directly on these documents using the provided pen.

This device is also connected to the internet, so you will be able to share projects and stored documents to make collaboration easier.

reMarkable Tablet Price:

reMarkable goes up for preorder today for the current discounted price of US$379 (it will later ring up for a hefty $716) and includes tablet, case, stylus and shipping. The devices start shipping mid 2017.