Published On: Mon, Feb 20th, 2017

The GoPro Karma Grip Is Now Available

GoPro announced that its handheld stabilizer Karma Grip is for sale in select stores and for $299.99. This is the same handheld grip that shipped with the Karma drone — at least before the drone was recalled for battery issues.

The grip will be immediately compatible with the Hero 5 Black out of the box, but Hero 4 Silver and Black users will have to cough up an extra $29.99 for a harness that fits those cameras. Hero 5 Session users will have to wait “Q2 2017” for a harness for that camera.

GoPro stabilization-karma-grip

GoPro Karma Grip

GoPro Karma Grip Features:

On the handle you get buttons for the power and changing shooting modes, starting and stopping recordings adding highlight tags to your videos, as well as a tilt-lock button that also gives you battery status. Normally camera stays pointed forward regardless of how you hold the handle, but pressing the tilt-lock just lets you aim the camera above or below the horizon and keep it at that angle. Double tapping it’ll lock the camera to follow a subject, so you can move around someone while just keeping them framed in your shot.

GoPro said it would sell the Karma Grip separate from the drone when it announced everything in the September, but the company never firmed up a release date until now. In the meantime, though, GoPro has taken some big hits. Production issues slowed release of the GoPro Karma drone and the Hero 5 cameras, which affected the company’s 3rd quarter earnings. Then GoPro had to recall every single GoPro Karma drone that had been sold because some of them were literally falling out of the sky. To top it all off, the GoPro laid off 15 percent of its staff this past week, marking the second round of the layoffs in 2016.