Published On: Fri, Mar 17th, 2017

The Edge Moto Mod On Indiegogo Add LED Light Notifications To Your Moto Z

The Moto Z supports a number of attachable accessories called Moto Mods. Rather than launching its own mods and leaving it at that, Motorola opened up the platform to the third-party developers and released a development kit for others to build their own Mods. A newly posted project on the Indiegogo crowd-funding site has an interesting Moto Mod product called Edge that’s designed to give Moto Z owners a new way to get notifications on their phones.

The Edge Moto Mod, created by a company called Imagine Tech from Poland, and will include a built in multi-LED system that will be placed all along the sides of the add-on. Using an app, users can customize the lights in the Edge’s case to show different colors for notifications from Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, and more. There are four different light patterns to choose from as well. The moto mod can also be set up to show alerts if a phone needs recharging, with other functions.

Edge Moto mod

Edge Moto Mod

Imagine Tech is actually offering two different versions of its Edge Moto Mod. One is the Edge Force, that contains a 2000mAh battery to help extend the power use of the Moto Z phones. The other is the Edge Air, that adds wireless charging capabilities to the Moto Z phones.

This Mod is selling for $59 plus shipping on Indiegogo with an early bird special also available. It is a third of the way to its $15,000 goal and should ship in the July if funded. Of course, delays happen all the time with crowd funded projects.

The funding goal for the Indiegogo campaign is $15,000 and at the time of the writing, it had already raised more than $4,000. If it’s ends up reaching the goal in a month, you can expect to get yours in July 2017. While the cheapest option, $49.99, has sold out, you can currently get it for $55 — although once the campaign is over it will cost the full $59.99.