Published On: Fri, Jul 24th, 2015

The 5 best cases for iPhone 6

You must have picked your new iPhone 6 or 6S right now and that is why you are here. Falls, drops, dings and scratches are something that every iPhone or every phone experiences in its lifetime. Trust me, there are hundreds of cases out there that give you the best results. Here are the top 5 that we have picked out for your iPhone 6.

  1. SpigenNeo Hybrid Case

This great and amazing iPhone 6 case provides full-body protection and support to your iPhone 6. The back has been made with TPU material and the case has been designed with metallic bumper trim to make it shock resistant. There is a pattern given in the back which makes the cover easy to hold and increases its grip. The case comes with case buttons on the outside to give you better navigation or pressing of the buttons. You can buy this case in a lot of colors. It is available for $18.

  1. Speck CandyShell

This splendid case is made from impact-resistant and hard exterior. However there is a shock-absorbent, rubberized lining that is present on the corner so when you drop your phone and it hits the ground, then it gets cushioned. You can easily take the cover off and on the phone very easily. It also comes in various colors and is available for $30 on Amazon.

Super Slim Back Cover Case

  1. Super Slim iPhone Case

This can be considered as the slimmest iPhone case in this list. The case comes with a transparent design but there is a grip or a lining on the sides to give a little color to your iPhone 6 or 6S. The back plate is made with TPU material for best results regarding protection and support. The iPhone case is really good because it has a very slim design which is slightly noticeable and protects the phone from scratch, dirt and dust. The iPhone 6S case is available in many colors and is available for $2.26 at Amazon. You can purchase more slim iPhone 6S case here.

  1. Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone 6 Case

This another amazing case is a lot like the Neo Hybrid case. Now, the amazing thing about this case is that it features Air Cushion technology which protects the iPhone when it is still in the case. Also it protects corners of the phone to protect it when it hits the ground. The case has button covers that flush with your iPhone’s body and gives wider port openings for more convenience. The cover comes in several colors and is available for just $12 on amazon.

  1. Apple Leather Case

Majority of the people don’t know that Apple also manufactures covers for its phones. It is a very classy kind of cover. It has a soft microfiber material on the inside which protects it from scratches when the phone is inside the case. It comes in 5 amazing colors and is available for $45 in Apple’s own store so you don’t have to get fake copies from somewhere else.