Published On: Thu, Mar 12th, 2015

Samsung Phone Accessories You Can’t Deny

Accessories are an important consideration when selecting a smartphone, which is why many major manufacturers are consistently on the look out for new ways to enhance the total user experience. To this end, Samsung’s Galaxy S6 is to be released with a number of new and exciting accessories aimed at increasing functionality while also boosting visual appeal.


New Cover Enables Dual-Screen Function

Smartphone covers can help users personalize their devices while also offering a bit of much-needed protection, which is essential for keeping your phone intact for the duration. Samsung’s upcoming covers go a bit further; thanks to the addition of dual-screens that some models will employ.

Select covers afford an enhanced E-ink design, which allows a second screen to be displayed on the back of one’s smartphone. This advancement is suited to those interested in using their phones as an e-reader. This dual display is also beneficial for checking notifications when battery power is on the wane.

Users Can Monitor Health Via Smartphone

Another advance provided by new accessories involves maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Over the last few years, technological innovations have been applied to health and fitness pursuits, such as items that help count steps or apps that can allow users the ability to monitor their daily food intake.

The company’s existing S Health application will receive even more functionality through newly introduced accessories. These will offer users the ability to monitor things like heart rate, while keeping a close watch on blood sugar levels. Such advances are sure to offer limitless appeal to many types of smartphone buyers, from people contending with chronic medial conditions to those seeking to boost health-living habits using the latest technology.

Even More Great Accessories Are On the Way

In addition to the above innovations, revamping of camera lenses and other great innovations are also on the way. While such modifications remain under wraps for the time being, smartphone users can look forward to all-around enhanced performance, which is essential to getting the most out of your phone.