Published On: Fri, Feb 23rd, 2018

PITTA Transformative Autonomous Drone offer true versatility in the ways you capture your experience

Without problems capture your experience with the PITTA Transformative Autonomous Drone. This transformative autonomous drone combines a drone, motion cam, and home safety cam into a single device. Likewise, PITTA lets in you to seize aerial, established and hand held pictures. With PITTA, you can alternate modes and seamlessly transition among photographs in a count number of seconds.

PITTA Transformative Autonomous Drone Design

This new ball-shaped tool, which measures 170mm and weighs 200g, isn’t always handiest aerial but also hand held, wearable and mountable. It’s miles a entire gadget compacted right into a single, snitch-like configuration. Featuring a Snap and Twist-to-Lock modular design, switching between ground and aerial pictures is easy and smooth. To apply PITTA as a drone, simply snap on the drone module and permit the tool to hover in the air. The use of the auto-follow mode, you can begin recording right away so you can focus at the experience. Further, truly snap on the motion cam module on any trendy mount to seize floor stage shots. moreover, use PITTA as a home security digital camera by way of docking it on the charging cradle and turning it on.

PITTA Transformative Autonomous Drone Features

The ‘PITTA’ comes as a aggregate of camera, drone and action cam module, in which its accessories, which include its wings, can attach thru a magnetic snap and twist-to-lock layout. This device permits the tool to replace between aerial and floor modes seamlessly, fast and effortlessly. As part of this, ‘PITTA’ features vehicle comply with for recording images and films at the move, 1-click on-flying for first time pilots, guide flight interface for experienced customers who want specific routes, and home protection mode that, once docked into its charging cradle, can move live photos of your property on your mobile devices.

The small drone gives 15 mins of non-stop flying time, even as over 100 minutes as an motion cam. while in those modes, the device captures moments with 4K and 30FPS technology, all of which can be saved on its inner eMMc memory.

PITTA Transformative Autonomous Drone Price

Currently, the marketing campaign has surpassed its intention of $50,000 with 44 days left to go. Wherein this assignment goes from right here is anyone’s bet, even though the organization is hoping to deliver the first PITTAs to clients as early as April of 2018, Provided you cough up $269.