Published On: Thu, Aug 24th, 2017

Overwatch’s hero roster just got a bit bigger with the addition of Orisa

Blizzard eventually took the wraps off their modern-day Overwatch hero in the shape of “Orisa”, which is basically a robot that changed into created via toddler genius Efi Oladele. In case you read approximately the hero, you’ll have observed that Orisa shares some tendencies with different tank characters, particularly Reinhardt.

Orisa is the 6th tank in Overwatch’s lineup. Her kit includes a fast-fireplace Fusion motive force — a gun that sacrifices motion velocity for true variety and accuracy; a graviton charge that slows and attracts close by enemies; a strengthen potential that reduces damage and makes her unstoppable for a brief time; and a stationary shielding Barrier that shields allies. Plus, she has an remaining potential, Supercharger, that increases the damage dealt through her whole team.


In a developr upgrade, game director Jeff Kaplan says the group wanted to create a person just like the hammer-and defend-wielding Reinhardt. “because he does not have a whole lot of mobility abilities, and because he has that defensive barrier in front of him, you sort of recognize where to place your self, and when the crew is gonna have interaction or disengage based totally upon what Reinhardt is doing,” he says. “So, we love this idea of what we saved calling an ‘anchor tank’ and we felt like gamers needed greater alternatives in that form of anchor tank function.”

Like most most important Overwatch updates, Orisa could be available at the Overwatch Public test region (PTR) server for pc gamers to try out today, with a very last release for number one pc servers and consoles scheduled for the near future.