Published On: Fri, Apr 26th, 2019

OptiShokz Revvez bone conduction audio sunglasses deliver you stereo audio

The OptiShokz Revvez sun glasses are a connected audio answer for athletes who’re seeking out a noninvasive way to listen to their favored music at the same time as engaging in sports activities or a workout.

Filled with patented bone conduction technology, the sunglasses are stated to deliver notable audio feedback to make certain the base and quantity is ideally suited to your possibilities. The titanium hands on the sun shades ensure they have got a comfy fit, even as also permitting them to bend barely whilst worn to save you needless breakage.

The OptiShokz Revvez shades can be custom designed with rubber nose pads to make certain a comfortable match and are also capable of being paired with lenses of your desire with 5 options available. The sun glasses will offer up to 6 hours of playback according to rate to cause them to extremely good for commuting or some days really worth of workout routines.

OptiShokz Revvez Bone Conduction Audio Sunglasses Design

The Revvez is a couple of superbly designed and flexible audio sun glasses that weighs 48.5g. As proven within the pictures, the sun shades deliver a graceful, streamlined appearance layout to suit your active lifestyle. meanwhile, the lightweight and ergonomic contours permit the eyewear to provide a secure sporting enjoy.


OptiShokz Revvez Bone Conduction Audio Sunglasses Features

The sunglasses come equipped with UV400 polarized polycarbonate lenses to protect your eyes from UVA and UVB rays, and the lenses are interchangeable so that you can easily change them based on different styles or demands.

More importantly, the sunglasses feature integrated bone conduction earphones. Using behind-ear transducers, the earphones deliver higher quality stereo audio than regular bone condition earphones. And LeakSlayer technology prevents sound leakage, while the open-ear audio design keeps you aware of the surround for safety.

Moreover, built-in microphone allows for handsfree calls, and it rechargeable battery offers 6 hours of continuous play between charges. In addition, the sunglasses are IP55 rated for sweat and water resistance.

OptiShokz Revvez Bone Conduction Audio Sunglasses Price

The team behind Revvez is raising fund for the product on Indiegogo. We can pledge $104 to preorder the bone conduction audio sunglasses. The eyewear will be shipped in June 2019.