Published On: Mon, Jun 20th, 2016

New Lenovo Phab 2 Has A 13 MP Rear Camera And Adds An Augmented Reality Mode

Lenovo revealed a new range of smartphones, The Phab 2 and Phab 2 Plus are updates of last year’s Phab model and feature metal construction, oversized 6.4-inch displays, and low prices. Along with Phab 2 Pro, which is the first consumer device with Google’s Tango augmented reality tech.

The Lenovo Phab 2 is the least expensive phone of this second-gen of Lenovo phablets, and while it does not incorporate Google’s Project Tango technology (the Phab 2 Pro does) or the dual rear camera found in the Phab 2 Plus, it still provides some augmented reality tricks.


The 13 MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera have an Augmented Reality (AR) mode that allows you to add different effects and virtual objects to your videos and photos. For example, the AR mode allows you to change backgrounds or add cartoons and drawings to your photos or videos.

The Phab 2 has a body comprised out of mostly plastic and doesn’t have a fingerprint sensor. A step up from that, the new Phab 2 Plus swaps the plastic for metal (aluminum alloy) – while adding that fingerprint sensor as well. With that, you’re going to find a 720p IPS screen with the Phab 2, a better 1080p display with the Phab 2 Plus.

The entry-level of the bunch, the Phab 2, features a quad-core MediaTek 8735 processor with 3 gigabyte of RAM and 32 gigabyte of internal storage. Next up, the Phab 2 Plus gets a small upgrade in the form of a quad-core MediaTek 8783 chip with 3 gigabyte of RAM and 32 gigabyte of saving memory.

The Lenovo Phab 2 will be available worldwide in September at US$199 and Phab2 Plus will start at $299. Pricing and availability may vary from country to country.