Published On: Wed, Dec 14th, 2016

Netgear Announced A Second Generation Of Its Arlo Pro Outdoor Camera

Netgear fired a shot across the bows of both Canary and Nest, introducing the Arlo Pro, a compact Wi-Fi security camera that works both inside or outdoors, and is powered either by a rechargeable battery or a USB power cord. It’s more or less the same product: a security camera meant to be placed inside or outdoors that records video whenever it sees motion and also can alert owners through a connected app. But the Arlo Pro model has a few small but useful additions.

The Arlo Pro cameras go with a special low-power consumption router that Netgear created so that the wireless cameras can operate on a battery for a long time. The convenient Pro could go a long way toward making home security cameras more pervasive. The United States home surveillance camera market is estimated at $400 million in 2016, and market researcher NPD says that the Netgear has about 30 % market share.

Here’s what’s new for Arlo Pro:

l A microphone and a speaker
l A rechargeable battery
l A microUSB charging port
l A new base station along with a built-in siren and two USB ports
l A digital infrared motion sensor (original Arlo has an analog motion sensor
l New accessories, including a solar charging station and various stands

Arlo Pro

Arlo Pro Specification:

The most notable change may be that the Pro model uses a rechargeable battery, whereas the standard Arlo is uses replaceable batteries that have to be swapped out every few months. Netgear says the Pro can run up to 6 months between charges, which would be pretty great, since you do not want to have to constantly take them down for upkeep. The security camera supports a wired connection.

A speaker and microphone have also been added to the Pro model, enabling for two things. First, this camera can be set to start recording any time it picks up noise. Secondly, and perhaps more useful, this camera can effectively serve as an intercom, letting owners talk through the Pro’s app to whoever’s standing in front of their camera.

Arlo Pro Price:

The Arlo Pro goes on sale for $249.99, with a hub included (it’s been updated to include a siren). For the people who already have an Arlo hub — including old model — standalone cameras will be available for just $189.99 each.