Published On: Wed, Nov 16th, 2016

Musik One Headphones Connects To Spotify

Musik, a startup backed by Twitter, has just revealed its Musik One headphones which want to be the ‘smartphone of headphones’, the ‘hybrid’ wired and wireless headphones not only connects to your smartphone but, via your smartphone, to your social networks and Spotify.

The novel new feature with these headphones is that they come with four user programmable hot keys on the side, that can be used to control apps on your connected smartphone. So, users can program the buttons on the headphones to share, play, and control your Spotify music, for example. There’s a dedicated Connect App which is used to integrate the headphones with these other services, which also includes Facebook, IFTTT, and Twitter.

Outside of the hot keys, it looks like the Muzik One stacks up rather nicely against the competition. Muzik says that the headphones feature high-definition audio, as well as passive noise-isolation technology. But if you want to pick up a pair now, you can just purchase the Muzik One headphones today in black, champagne, or silver from the company’s website or on Amazon for $299.


Musik One


The headphones — which retail for $299 and will compete against the likes of Samsung’s Level On and Apple’s Beats — also feature 40mm drivers, interchangeable cups that will allow you to switch between on-ear and over-the-ear cushions, 30 hour battery life, and dual microphones for phone calls. The Muzik One also out comes with a 50-foot Bluetooth range for the headphone jack-less iPhone 7 owners of the world.