Published On: Tue, Aug 25th, 2015

Moov Waterproof Fitness Tracker

Supporting a host of activities including running, swimming and cardio boxing, Moov can be worn on the wrist or around the ankle and offers real-time feedback on, whether you are performing your exercises correctly. The Moov is a wearable with a difference. This is not a Fitbit or Jawbone rival that keeps track of your daily activity.


Battery Life And Performance

Once you get going the voice prompts guide you and pick you up on bad form offering advice like to swing your arms harder or to pick up the pace. There is sprint intervals, speed endurance, running proficiency, brisk walking and open training. The interval training is the best example of how well the Moov tracker works.

By focusing on monitoring only during a workout even for a short period of time, the coaching element really comes into its own. While pretty much every activity tracker we’ve tried recently has focused on simply recording your activity to make those more gradual changes to your lifestyle, Moov takes a refreshingly different approach.

That amount of information and data can normally feel overwhelming but everything is explained in a way that’s easy to digest. Data is accurate too. Having tested it with the TomTom Runner GPS sports watch, both up similar data.

Specialties & Styling

The Moov is made up of a small plastic disc about the size of a 50p coin that comes in either black or white varieties. It wasn’t designed to be worn all the time so sticking out like a sore thumb when you are sitting in a meeting is not really an issue here. The Moov also evaluates the information in real-time and using voice prompts can tell you if you are on track and offer advice on how to amend your workouts.

The shorter one is worn around the wrist or further up the bicep depending on what activities you are trying to track. In the box you will get to two different-sized rubbery silicone straps. The larger one is used to wear the Moov sensor around your ankle. This is aimed at runners and cyclists who want more accurate data when their legs are doing most of the moving.

Final Decision

The first-gen Moov is a wearable that really can coach you into getting into better shape.