Published On: Sat, May 26th, 2018


With the iPhone-shot Unsane as inspiration, smartphone lens accessory maker Moment announced a new series of products built specifically for cinematographers at one of the top it conferences. Called the Filmmaker Collection, it combines four accessories that push beyond the limits of your phone’s built-in camera, promising cinematic results like never before.

Moment Filmmaker Collection Design

The Filmmaker Collection contains four well-designed products including iPhone X battery photo case, gimbal counterweight 2.0, anamorphic lens and filter mount. The iPhone X case measures 157.97 x 77.28 x 18mm, and as shown in the images, it sports an elegant and minimal design, while the smooth and slim form factor deliver a comfortable and firm grip whenever you keep your phone in your hand for calls, shots and more.


Moment Filmmaker Collection Features

Using built-in 3100mAh rechargeable battery, the case doubles your recording time without connecting with any portable power bank. Of course, it also protects your phone from bumps and scratches every day. More importantly, it perfectly works with other accessories from the collection.

The 1.33x anamorphic lens is designed to bring the organic look and character of 2:40:1 CinemaScope to your phone, so you can capture a super wide-angle image with the inherent shallow depth of field and perspective of a telephoto lens. Using Moment filter mount, you can easily attach a standard 62mm filter to any of your Moment lenses. Moreover, the universal gimbal counterweight 2.0 brings you butter smooth video on your phone, and the adjustable design allows you to counterbalance it, perfectly working with different cases and lenses. In addition, other optional phone cases allow the collection to work with other smartphones including iPhone 6/7/8/8X, Galaxy S8/S9 and Pixel 1/2.

Moment Filmmaker Collection Price

The team behind Moment Filmmaker Collection is raising fund for the products on Kickstarter. We can pledge $199 to preorder the iPhone X battery photo case and anamorphic lens (other kits are also available with different price tags). All kits will be shipped in August 2018.