Published On: Mon, Oct 15th, 2018

Keep your family safe with the Onelink Safe & Sound Smart Smoke Alarm

At CES, it’s not unusual to stumble upon a product that utilizes Alexa. This year, but, it seems as if every tool at the showroom floor uses Amazon’s ubiquitous digital assistant. From 4K UHD projectors to vehicles to stainless steel faucets designed to be used with your kitchen sink, nearly every home theater and smart home product is now controllable with a easy voice command.

First Alert is one of the more recent corporations looking to be part of the fray. Its coming near supplying, the Onelink safe and Sound, is a smart smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector that does more than just beep whilst things go awry in your property. Once established to your ceiling and home set up, the hardwired device will assist you to make the most of Alexa’s many competencies, meaning you may easily set a reminder, test the climate, and play song. In contrast to most smart audio system, the Onelink also initiatives omnidirectional sound and makes use of your ceiling as an acoustic backdrop, so you can fill your entire area with the latest track. How well the gadget really works, but, remains to be visible.

Onelink & Safe Sound Smoke Carbon Monoxide Alarm Design

First Alert will even provide a Google Assistant-powered version of the alarm for those that decide on it, in addition to a version that integrates with Apple HomeKit for use with Siri and turns the alarm into an AirPlay 2 speaker. All variations measure 6.8 x 6.8 x 2.26 in (17.3 x 17.3 x 5.7 cm) and weigh 1.5 lb (680 g).


Onelink & Safe Sound Smoke Carbon Monoxide Alarm Features

It’s miles mounted just like a normal hardwired smoke alarm (but additionally comes with a sealed lithium battery for backup) and further to an 85-decibel alarm, can ship notifications to the person’s phone while it detects smoke or carbon monoxide in the home.

Whilst it’s no longer alerting homeowner’s to emergency eventualities, the smoke alarm gives all the equal capability of an Amazon Echo speaker users can ask Alexa to read the news or weather, manage different smart-home gadgets or play song via the Onelink safe & Sound’s built-in omnidirectional speaker.

Onelink & Safe Sound Smoke Carbon Monoxide Alarm Price

First Alert’s Onelink Safe & Sound smoke detectors is now available with price tag of $249.99.