Published On: Tue, Jun 28th, 2016

iDevices Launched New HomeKit Product, Smart Light Bulb Socket

iDevices just announced the availability of its new HomeKit product, $80 Socket, a smart light bulb socket allows you to turn any standard light bulb into a smart connected bulb. The iDevices Socket is an $80 retrofit gadget that fits between light fixtures and regular light bulbs.

The iDevices Socket, first announced at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show, is a simple Wi-Fi light bulb adapter which connects to a standard bulb and gives it the ability to interface with other HomeKit-connected products and Siri. Like other HomeKit-connected products, the Socket can be organized into particular rooms and is able to be used in Scenes, timers, and other HomeKit features.

Simply screw Socket into your special lighting fixture and insert any standard bulb. Using the free iDevices Connected app, you can take advantage of Socket’s dimming capabilities and customizable color light ring. You can use Siri voice commands to control power and brightness to your lights.

idevice socket

The iDevices Socket is not cheap and is in fact more expensive than other HomeKit-compatible products such as Wi-Fi-enabled bulbs and smart plugs, but it does include dimming capabilities and a customizable color light ring which can be used as a night light or to enhance ambiance to any room. It is able to fit into any conventional lighting holder and is compatible with standard Edison style bulbs up to 60 watts.

The iDevices Socket joins the company existing line of products, that includes the iDevices Thermostat and the iDevices Switch. In the future, iDevices plans to launch additional HomeKit accessories like a wall switch and a wall outlet.

If you are partial to a particular aesthetic, the new Socket should keep you happy while also expanding your smart lighting features. We covered the iDevices Socket during 2016 CES, but the product is officially available online today and at select retailers later this summer.