Published On: Fri, Apr 1st, 2022

How to Qualify for the Lifeline Phone Program

The Lifeline Program offers qualified people who are low-income earners discounted or totally free phone services. It ensures that everyone would have the security and chances of using phone services provided. Using the lifeline program, now every United States citizen is able to communicate freely with their friends, emergency services, or family members. However, it is only available to those who are eligible based on their household income, programs, and house limits.

Qualify for the Lifeline Phone

How Can You Qualify

Anyone can qualify for the Lifeline phone service Oklahoma program as long as you are a member of any government programs that offer assistance or you have a household income of or below 135%. There are three types of eligibility that include;

Eligibility based on household income

If you have a household income of or under 135% of the US federal poverty guidelines, then you could be eligible to benefit from this program. If you fall under the income limit as listed above, based on the size of your household and locality, you may apply for the program.

Eligibility Is Based on Government Programs

Are you or one of your family members enrolled in either of the following government programs? If yes, then you stand a chance to be part of the lifeline phone programs. The programs referred to include;

The Household Limitation

The program only allows just one benefit for every household. “Household” in this case refers to one member of a family living at a single address such as relatives, children, and anyone not related to your family or you but is sharing income or the expenses in that household.