Published On: Fri, Oct 6th, 2017

Google Maps will let users on Android and iOS share their real-time location with friends

Google Maps has introduced a brand new function to assist you to share your place with others. At the same time as that could seem creepy, it’s no longer the primary to feature this sort of functionality. Facebook tells you while a pal is close by — it even helps you to “wave” at them and gives you the option to send a message if they holler again. Foursquare’s Swarm helps you to check in wherever you’re and each Lyft and Uber give you the option of seeing wherein your buddy is if they share their ride vicinity with you.

Google commenced rolling out the new region sharing function in Google Maps nowadays, which is massively greater streamlined than the vintage method. You can share your vicinity with a contact, of course, but there is extra to it. You may additionally create links that proportion your region, and they arrive with all of the same controls as touch sharing.


Google is short to be aware that you could flip off actual-time place sharing at any moment — which include earlier than the timer you at the beginning selected runs out. Additionally, an icon seems above the compass in your own display screen to remind you each time real-time sharing is active with absolutely everyone. Real-time place sharing also can be carried out from the turn-by-turn navigation display screen. Whilst used that way, sharing will automatically quit once you’ve reached your selected destination.

Location sharing may be a beneficial feature at instances, however it’s also fraught with ability nightmare scenarios — breaking apart with a giant different and forgetting you’ve set them to the always-on putting in vicinity sharing inside the app, for example.

Inside the last few weeks by myself, Google has been including a ton of capability to Maps like useful parking spot reminders and the capability to share your favored neighborhood spots with pals. The who-can-top-who struggle with Apple Maps rolls on.