Published On: Wed, Feb 1st, 2017

Google Is Giving Pixel Phone Owners More Case Choices

Google has recently launched a range of two Live case lines for its Google Pixel phones. Each comes out with its own live wallpapers, depending on your preference, either can be aesthetically pleasing or purely functional.

The Google Earth Live Case uses satellite imagery from Google Earth to envelope the exterior of your Pixel with beautiful landscapes. But like the Earth View Chrome Browser extension which adds a gorgeous satellite image on the New Tab page, the Earth Live Case connects with the Wallpapers app on the Pixel to offer a new location every day ‘from a curated collection of images from Google Earth.’

You’ll be able to tap the NFC shortcut button on the back of the case to explore the day’s location on Google Maps. Unfortunately, while the locations may seem endless for your phone’s wallpaper, the case comes in three designs — Antartica, Ceel Dheer, and Moindou. At the moment, only Moindou is available.

google case

Live case

The Google Trends Live case’s wallpaper, on other hand, might not always be as enjoyable to look at. Instead of satellite imagery, it displays the top trending Google Searches… which are not always pleasant. If reading current events, no matter how unsavory, does not negatively affect you, you can double tap the screen to bring up more trending topics or tap on the wallpaper’s button to load the Search results for the each particular topic.

Both Live case lines are now available in the US. You can get them from Verizon and Best Buy or directly from Google’s online store.