Published On: Sat, Jan 23rd, 2016

Four Of The Most Popular Gadgets Bought By Consumers

Technology now plays a fundamental part in every day of our lives. We are using it for communicating, sharing information and taking pictures. We use it for entertainment, business purposes, and it’s even been incorporated into vehicle design. There’s no getting away from it. But what are the most popular pieces of tech with consumers? Is older technology still just as popular today as it was years ago? Let’s find out.



It may be obvious, but it’s worth pointing out how important phones are to consumers. In fact, producers have got the public trained so that when a new phone comes out they automatically want to update. It’s often built into your phone contract. It’s one of the reasons large numbers of people choose to go on a contract. They want the next model as soon as it’s released. Why are mobile phones so popular? Well first of all let’s not kid ourselves. We’re not buying mobile phones but rather miniature computers that can do almost everything our laptops can. As well as this, we look at our phones on average, one hundred times a day. That can’t be just to reply to a text message or to surf the web. Mobile phones are the social tool that everyone needs. It’s why more and more businesses are looking into app development.


You may wonder why cameras are on this list. Surely, people just use the cameras in their phone, on their television or laptop. Well, tech experts know that the cameras stuffed in the tech on phones are rubbish. The same goes for the one built into your laptop, television or tablet. For taking selfies they are great or even taking the average video. But if you want a high-quality picture you need a high-quality camera. That’s why professional photographers aren’t just whipping out their phones. But it’s not just professionals? You’ll see many pictures of people taking photos with large, bulk lenses bought from a photo store. These aren’t hipsters. They just know it’s this quite old tech that will give the best pictures.


Drones are items that continue to amaze and fascinate the public. They were bought up like hotcakes as Christmas presents last year. There were even a few designed and modeled around the Star Wars hype. Those who know how tech works can’t help but laugh at this because drones aren’t new machinery. They’ve been around for years, and this is a craze that will soon pass over the public. But for now, people can’t seem to resist being able to buy a product that gives them a bird’s eye view of their home…for around ten minutes.

HD Or Ultra HD TVs

Yes, that’s right consumers are still buying bigger and bigger televisions. Why is this? Well, it’s a one time purchase, and that’s a lot cheaper than currently trying to head to the cinema once a month. Particularly if you have a full family to buy tickets for. But it’s important to realise that Ultra HD TVs are a massive waste of money. There is no benefit from watching a screen that is showing an image in 8K if your screen size is only eighty inches. Eighty inches is a conservative estimate too because a screen that big would cost a consumer a whopping ten thousand. But producers know that if they label something “Ultra” consumers will buy, and that’s exactly what’s happening.

These are some of the most popular pieces of tech consumers have been buying last year. What will be at the top of wish lists in 2016? If we had to hazard a guess, we’d say you should keep your eye on the sales of VR. It’s going to be big.