Published On: Tue, Mar 1st, 2016

Five Gadgets That Will Make Modern Life Easier

Thanks to cutting-edge technology, life in the 21st century is now much easier and stress-free than ever before. Our mobile phones offer apps that can do various tasks for us, and there are so many gadgets on the market to help us with our day to day lives. Things really can be controlled with the push of a button these days. So which gadgets do you need to reduce your daily stress? Here are our top five for making life that little bit easier..

Smartphone Projectors

Smartphone Projectors

Have you ever been in a meeting and unable to work the projector? Well, this handy gadget will put an end to any future technical issues. There are now many smartphone projectors on the market that simply slot into your phone. From slideshows to movies, you can now watch whatever is on your phone on a big screen! If you want to use it to watch your favourite movies, buy a funky design that looks like a vintage film projector!

Payment Apps

Another thing you never need to worry about is being caught out without any cash on you. These days, many businesses including shops and cafes now use Payline Data. This is an app they download onto an iPad, which allows them to take payments from credit cards. As it is on an iPad, it is completely mobile, allowing the shop assistant or waitress to bring it to you. You sign the tablet with your finger, so you won’t have the problem of being without a pen, either!

Compartment Pans

Gone are the days of using more than one pan during cooking! Compartment pans are exactly that: pans split into separate compartments. This means you can now cook your beans and sausages at the same time without creating any extra mess. Less mess means less time wasted in the kitchen, allowing you to spend more time with your family! If you want to make life even easier, chose a non-stick model to minimise stuck-on dirt and grease.

Pizza Scissors

Can you never cut a neat slice of pizza without losing some tasty topping? Pizza cutters can be great, but they often blunt very quickly. This is why you need a pair of pizza scissors. These handy tools come with an integrated serving slice, so you can pick up your pizza without burning your hands. Simply slide the serving slice under the crust and cut away with the scissors. Serving pizza has never been so simple!

Bluetooth Dummies

Did you know Bluetooth dummies are now a thing? Parents will love this state-of-the-art gadget. Not only does it act as a dummy, but it also features an inbuilt thermometer. Hook it up to an app on your smartphone and you will be alerted if there is a drastic change in your baby’s temperature. Not only that, but its Bluetooth connection allows you to track if you ever lose it.

Welcome to the modern world, your life will never be quite as complicated again. And it’s all thanks to 21st-century technology!