Published On: Fri, Oct 26th, 2018

Elgato has unveiled Stream Deck Mini, its latest customizable live steaming controller

Following on from the launch of the Elgato stream Deck back in May last year, Elgato has this week introduced the availability of their new Elgato Stream Deck Mini Studio Controller which is now to be had to buy priced at $99.95 from online retailers which include Amazon and GameStop.

The Stream Deck Mini features six completely-customisable lcd keys designed to provide creators with manage over their streaming content and handiest “previously most effective available to expert broadcasters” says Elgato. The mini controller may be used to automatically detecting scenes and resources, as well as put up on social media channels.

Elgato Stream Deck Mini Customizable Live Streaming Controller Design

The flow Deck Mini is a complicated and bendy stay streaming control center that measures 3.3 x 2.4 x 2.3 inches and weighs 6.24 oz. compared with complete sized go Deck, the mini version suggests off a more compact and light-weight design so that you don’t worry about it taking up an excessive amount of area on your computer, or you may also easily placed it in your bag for clean sporting. Meanwhile, the tilted the front panel helps you to easily get right of access to the liquid crystal display keys.


Elgato Stream Deck Mini Customizable Live Streaming Controller Features

Elgato Stream Deck Mini comes prepared with 6 programmable lcd keys, and it perfectly works with YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, XSplit, OBS, game capture and more. the use of its software, you could effortlessly customise the 6 liquid crystal display keys in an effort to tap to switch scenes, launch media, alter audio and more. Furthermore, each lcd key helps a couple of actions so you also can trigger more than one moves at the same time or sequentially with one tap. In addition, the live streaming controller helps windows 10 and macOS 11.11 or later.

Elgato Stream Deck Mini Customizable Live Streaming Controller Price

Elgato Stream Deck Mini has been available for preorder for $99.95 USD. It will be shipped on August 1st 2018. If you are really interested in this new Customizable Live Streaming Controller and want to grab it, then jump to the Amazon page for its more details.