Published On: Wed, Jun 10th, 2015

Apple Watch OS 2 – Defined Future

The apple watch is designed for your personal life and it is spectacularly small for use. It knows when you’re wearing it. You can talk to it. You can poke it and it can poke back.


The Apple Watch update also opens up Wi-Fi connectivity, new watch faces with different customize-able options, better Siri capabilities and email replies, and are all just a sample of the Watch OS 2 features. But the Apple Watch is also an enormous device. It’s the first entirely new Apple product in five years, and the first Apple product developed after the death of Steve Jobs. It’s full of new hardware, new software, and entirely new ideas about how the worlds of fashion and technology should intersect.

The Watch is the nicest smartwatch available, but it’s more status symbol than wearable revolutionary. Most of the Watch’s features can be categorized as nice to have (at best) or superfluous (at worst). As such, if you’re not enamored with the Watch’s appearance, it’s probably not compelling enough to buy one.


The size is just right too. While many Android Wear watches look and feel chunky to most, the Apple Watch fits my wrist much more unobtrusively. An even smaller size is also available, though most people should for opt for the bigger of the two. It offers better battery life and more use-able touchscreen space (but does come at a higher cost). What feels strange about writing this review is that there’s no point in really comparing it to Android Wear at all. Nobody chooses a smartwatch first and then decides on which phone to go with it – no, if you’re reading this review you’re probably either doing it on the iPhone or with one close to hand, wondering if it adds enough convenience to be worth the extra cost.

If you’re firmly on team iPhone, are willing to pay a premium for an intelligent timepiece and can handle charging it on a nightly basis, the Watch is for you.