Published On: Fri, Jan 6th, 2017

Amazon Has Unveiled Its New Fire TV Interface

Amazon’s best selling TV stick has just been updated. It is the next-generation Fire TV stick that features Alexa Voice Remote, no cable nor satellite required. This is the most notable addition to the new streaming TV dongle, which also sports upgraded internals, such as a quad-core processor and faster Wi-Fi.

While the Amazon Fire TV stick looks the same as the older model, the features are now more advanced. With quad core processor, it clearly has faster processor, and it comes out with a remote control with integrated microphone.


Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon describes the new user interface as a ‘cinematic experience’ and says that it’ll show trailers and screenshots without the need to jump in and out of apps. The new interface also supports a new customizable apps list on the home page, that should make it easier to quickly access the games and apps you use the most.

What’s more, the so-called ‘hero’ shows and films that take up the prominent spots in each category will change regularly, it depending on what users have been watching.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Specs:

Quad-core processor (30% faster than the original)
Support for High Efficiency Video Codec (HEVC) (for higher resolution at lower bandwidth)
802.11ac Wi-Fi (up from 802.11n Wi-Fi on the last generation)
Improved accessibility via the VoiceView screen reader
1 GB Memory
8 GB Internal Storage
Resolution up to 1080p

With the Alexa built-in, you can search across not only Amazon’s own video library, but also a third-party services, like Netflix, HBO Now, and Hulu, as well as control the playback of Amazon’s video content.

Alongside the new layout, Amazon has also added a new ‘Your Movies’ section, aimed at making easier to understand which is paid content and which is free. Although Amazon hasn’t given a specific release date for this update, which will be served over-the-air, the company say that every Fire TV device will receive the redesign free of charge before end of the year, starting with the latest-gen Fire TV stick and set-top box.