Published On: Sat, Aug 24th, 2019

Which Medical Career is Right For You

If you’re a person who is passionate about caring for and healing others, then a career in the medical industry is a perfect fit for you. The next step becomes choosing the right medical career. There is a wide array of different jobs that all require different skills and educations. However, the most important aspect in choosing a job is deciding which of these you are most passionate about.

Medical Career

Become a Doctor

Doctors have one of the most difficult yet rewarding jobs. They perform physicals to maintain their patients’ health as well as diagnosing and offering cures to illnesses. There are many different types of doctors. If you care mostly about overall health, become a general practitioner. If you like working with children, become a pediatrician. There are also doctors for different parts of the body like gastroenterologist, podiatrists and ophthalmologists. On average, it requires eight years of schooling to become a doctor. Learn more about the tools and techniques required for these jobs.

Heal as a Therapist

Therapists focus on healing pain whether it’s physical or emotional. If you want to help people heal from physical injuries like pulled muscles or broken bones, become a physical therapist. Massage therapists help relax muscles and physical stress accumulated from day to day life. While chiropractors are not considered therapists, they also help heal injuries in the spine. If you prefer working in mental health and healing emotional issues, become a psychologist or psychiatrist. Usually, these jobs require four to six years of schooling.

Work as a Home Health Aide

If you prefer to work with clients who need assistance in their day to day lives, become a home health aide. They work with elderly clients who need help with tasks like grocery shopping, preparing food and bathing. You can also become a direct support staff that works with adults with special needs. Usually, these jobs only require basic education and training but are very fulfilling jobs for patient individuals.

Whichever career you choose to pursue in the medical industry, know that you are doing great work improving lives.