Published On: Thu, Apr 2nd, 2015

Protecting Electronic Devices from Fluctuations in Voltage

Power quality, also referred to as PQ, is not something that most people are very familiar with. Well, at least they are not familiar with the term. However, anyone who owns a computer or anyone who has an electronic device is aware of the consequences that PQ problems bring. When there is low power quality, when there is a lightning strike, or when there is a power outage, the damage that is done to stereo equipment or to computer equipment can be catastrophic. A computer that is connected to the home’s electrical network can completely and totally lose all of its data if the home is struck by a lightning bolt. Power surges can fry stereo equipment and can leave computers functionless.

Cyberex PowerBuilt Industrial UPSWhen a technician refers to power quality, they are talking about the consistency with which electricity is delivered to the home. They are describing whether or not the electricity in a home is free from disturbances that could eventually cause electronic devices to be ruined or to fail. PQ problems can negatively affect any electronic device. However, they have a specifically devastating effect on devices that require microprocessors to function.

A spike in voltage or a loss of power that results in damage to a computer is frustrating for a homeowner. However, that same spike in voltage can prove disastrous for a business. One could only imagine the financial loss a business would experience as a result of an unplanned power outage or a spike in voltage if thousands of computers and other devices connected to the electrical network in a building are ruined. For this reason, businesses take drastic steps in order to protect their equipment from damage.

In addition to guaranteeing that their electrical network is functioning properly, most businesses will install UPS devices like those created by Cyberex PowerBuilt for example. These UPS devices will protect electronic devices from any surges, transients, sags, or temporary interruptions of voltage that may occur. They provide protection when the voltage fluctuates outside of the norm.

Utility companies do all that they can to make sure that the level of voltage a home or business receives stays constant. Unfortunately, it is impossible for utility companies to keep voltage 100 percent constant all the time. There are many circumstances, such as a lightning strike, that can cause tremendous power surges in the home or in a business that are completely outside of the power company’s ability to control. For this reason, it is up to each business owner and homeowner to take the necessary steps to protect their electronic devices.