Published On: Sat, Aug 22nd, 2020

When Good Devices Go Bad

Our hand-held electronic devices seem to be our lifelines these days. They connect us to everything from the world at large to the people who mean the most to us. Our devices do more than just connect us, too. They help us get our banking done, read, relax and find videos to help us laugh, meditate or exercise. So, what happens when our devices suddenly don’t work as well?

Good Devices Go Bad

You Crack Me Up

One of the most common ailments our devices seem to suffer is a cracked screen. How many of us are walking around right now needing to find out how to fix broken iPhone screen? While there’s a YouTube tutorial on how to do this yourself, most of us should definitely trust the professionals as we have neither the advanced knowledge nor the specialized tool-kit needed. Step one, before you even schedule the repair: back up your phone, just in case. After that, you’ll need to check to see if it’s under warranty. Then you need to figure out if your warranty will cover your damage or if you’ll need to seek another avenue to fix everything. You can also choose to mail your device to the repair shop or make an appointment to get it fixed. Some appointments you need to go to the technician and sometimes the technician will come to you, depending on how much you’re willing to pay.

It’s Not Contagious

Yes, your hand-held device can get a virus. Phones and tablets are particularly susceptible to viruses because frequently we don’t think about loading anti-virus software on them. There are free diagnostics available from reputable sources that will tell you if your device has a virus. After you’re virus-free, the same companies that offer protection for your computers can also cover your smaller electronics. Double-checking with your computer’s current malware protection provider to see if your subscription can be extended to your hand-held devices is often your most cost-effective option.

Water, Water Everywhere

All electronics are vulnerable to water damage. If your screen’s cracked – you didn’t fix that yet? – you’re even more prone to suffer the destructive effects of H2O. Water can seep in through the smallest crevice and wreak havoc on the electronic innards of your precious phone. While the best remedy for water damage is to keep your device away from water, sometimes that’s unavoidable. When you do get water-logged, try the rice trick where you cover your phone with uncooked rice. That works to draw the water out like a sponge. If it doesn’t work, you’ll need to see about getting a repair. Again, check your warranty first. Sadly, you may want to be prepared to get a new device altogether.


As with any repair, be sure to check the reviews on the technician or business you’re contracting. While some may offer to perform your repairs for less, that doesn’t help if they either don’t get the job done correctly or they make the problem worse. Also, you should take the time to back up your phone often. This will help limit what you lose from your phone if your phone is unfix-able.