Published On: Fri, Sep 15th, 2017

Tivoli launched its new Model One Digital speaker

Tivoli Audio’s model One, which made its debut in 2000, became a splendid tabletop radio in its time. However in a international that is increasingly dominated with the support of wireless speakers, the organisation, which is inside the technique of a strategic shift, has decided to give its bestselling product a tech makeover, bringing it “into the age of the smart home.”

The Model One digital became definitely designed to rouse the identical nostalgic feelings of the Kloss classic. it really works on several degrees. The Model One digital looks and sounds the part. But it’s difficult to suggest. The Model One digital isn’t always fun to apply and lacks the capabilities to justify its $299 cost.


The speaker packs in wireless and Bluetooth connectivity along a built-in FM radio or even supports digital Audio Broadcasting, though relying on wherein you’re located, this can not be in use. Spotify join is supported, making playing your favorite artist or playlist out of your smartphone a simple procedure.

Like other Wi-Fi speakers, the companion Tivoli Wireless app allows you to tap into music streaming services such as Spotify, and you can also connect the Model One Digital with other Art by Tivoli speakers to create stereo pairs and multiroom audio systems.

In the large dial is a screen. However don’t believe the advertising picture. The color screen is small and dim and the square display is seen when the radio is on. It’s difficult to see. Because of the low pleasant TFT display, a right away viewing angle is required.

I desired to like the Model One virtual like I loved the model One. but I don’t. It seems remarkable, it sounds outstanding, however using the radio is frustrating because of the lackluster software and that goes towards the center values of the authentic Tivoli model One speaker.

The Tivoli Audio Model One Digital comes in black, walnut, or white finishes and is to be had for $299.99 via choose outlets as well as the company’s website.