Published On: Thu, Jul 20th, 2017

The Cnct IntelliPlug is cheapest and Small plug on the market

Connected plugs might be the building blocks of a smart home, but they can also be really annoying with their blocky design getting in the way of other outlets. And now the Cnct Intelliplug — recently running a funding campaign on Indiegogo — and it might be the supercheap and smallest plug in the market right now and it’s setting the standard for the smart plug industry.

This new Wi-Fi-enabled plug enables you to control your appliances, lights, and any other plugged-in device together with your tablet or smartphone, from anywhere in the world. With full Android, iOS, as well as Alexa integrations, you can easily turn your connected gadgets on and off, set timers, or choose a schedule by which these appliances can operate.

Cnct notes it also has planning to integrate Google Assistant in the future, means that no matter what your smart home hub of choice may be, you can simply bring the Cnct IntelliPlug into the environment.

Here’s features the Cnct IntelliPlug has:

  • Wi-Fi connectivity available – it just goes into a normal socket and does not need a separate hub
  • Voice control available – at the time being only Amazon’s Alexa is available on the Intelliplug but Google Assistant soon be feature
  • Countdown timer
  • Scheduling feature
  • Remote control
  • Smart charging (the plug will automatically turn off once when your plugged-in smartphone is fully charged)

Cnct is exclusively providing the Intelliplug in three heavily discounted bundles on Indiegogo: a $25 (2-pack), a $35 (3-pack), and a $40 (4-pack). (The $40 package can only be accessed through that direct link.)