Published On: Thu, Nov 5th, 2015

The Basic Elements of Personalized Vaporizers

Personal vaporizers are popular with former cigarette smokers, but they are still relatively new piece of technology. While enthusiasts enjoy them for what they are, if anyone in your family are into vaping, the MIQRO vaporizer will surely blow them away. Many people are still unfamiliar with these devices. Misconceptions have made the general public hesitant to accept vaping as a preferable alternative to smoking. Get a feel for the basic components of an e-cigarette, and learn more about how vape atomizers work. The Basic Elements of Personalized Vaporizers The Juice This is the consumed product used in a vaporizer. Instead of burning up shredded tobacco, a vaporizer boils off of a specially prepared liquid. The juice is a simple mixture of common chemicals. Juices typically include a flavoring substance to create a unique and enjoyable experience for the user and enough measured quantities of nicotine to satisfy cravings for the drug. The Cartridge Older versions of e-cigarettes use a prefilled cartridge that contained predetermined amounts of juice. Most of these older types are made by cigarette manufacturing companies. Those new to vaping typically start with one of these devices. As users gain experience and develop their own preferences, it is common for them to make the switch to more personalized vaping device that facilitates experimentation. The Atomizer This is the heart of the vaporizer. It is an electrical coil that is designed to make contact with the vape juice. When activated, it quickly boils off the liquid to create the vapor that is inhaled. More sophisticated versions have electronics within that allow you control the exact performance of the atomizer (this site has a great picture of one you can zoom over). Depending on the type of juice used and the amount of vapor that is desired, these settings can be customized to your own liking. Some maintenance of the atomizer is required. It is common to clean or change the screens from time to time. Atomizers also have to be replaced periodically. Some are made to last longer and can be used for up to 3 months without any problems. Others burn up quickly and must be replaced within as little as two weeks. The Battery Simpler versions run on batteries similar to those found in watches. More elaborate power systems are more durable and rechargeable. Changing out the battery is one of the most popular modifications to a personalized vaporizer that can be performed. The goal is to improve performance of the atomizer and battery life at the same time. Higher voltage and longer lasting charges are preferred. The basic components of a vaping device are easy to understand and use, but creating a unique quality for your vaping experience takes practice and sophistication.