Published On: Fri, Jul 1st, 2016

Stack Downlight Won LIGHTFAIR International Innovation Award 2016

The Stack Downlight won LIGHTFAIR International (LFI) 2016 Innovation Awards amongst hundreds of potential lighting products. Stack’s smart bulbs are both feature-rich and relatively easy to use. You can schedule lighting changes, sync them up with Nest or IFTTT, or just set them to automatically adjust brightness and color temperature on their own throughout the day.

Stack Downlight BR30

The use of lighting has always been an element that we’ve tried to ration. Ever since we were kids, we have been conditioned to ‘turn off the light when you leave a room.’ Not that this is a bad practice, but with smart light bulbs, it is significantly less of a hassle—and, of course that’s not the only benefit of smart light bulbs provide.

Stack lights automatically respond to natural light and adjust their color temperature throughout the day in line with users circadian rhythms, seamlessly modifying from cool whites to warm yellow tones. Stack bulbs are fully controllable and programmable via the Stack application. With intuitive learning, they work straight out of the box and learn from user inputs over time to make certain that the lighting is always-perfect, and with integrated ambient light sensors, they brighten and dim to maintain the right light levels without wasting any energy.

The Stack Downlight Starter Kit is a powerful way to connect smart lighting to your home without the constant need for a phone, but there is a way to go before the experience is truly untethered.

The Stack Downlight began shipping in December 2016. Customers can purchase a Starter Kit, which includes 2 Downlights and a hub, for $99. Additional light bulbs are available for $45 each.