Published On: Mon, Feb 15th, 2016

Replacing Your UPS Battery

Having UPS units in your company can mean that you do not lose your work when the power goes out. They have been an indispensable part of many firms’ infrastructure for the past couple of decades. But like any piece of equipment, the batteries that power them eventually wear out or lose their effectiveness over time.

Wholesale APC UPS Batteries

In most cases your UPS unit will warn you that it is not able to use its battery efficiently or effectively any longer, triggering a search for the right type of battery to replace it.

Rely on performance ratings

Because UPS units are a critical piece of your business, some managers are fastidious about trying to replace the battery with the same brand that built the UPS unit. While this is a perfectly acceptable way of ensuring that you have a compatible battery, it does not necessarily mean that you are going to get a good deal, or even get the best performing battery on the market when you do this.

If you rely upon performance ratings, you can open your battery sourcing up to a much larger group of suppliers whose products are just as good if not better than that of the manufacturer who made your UPS. One website, has taken the time to test all of the manufacturers that they carry and has certified the performance of each of their suppliers to meet or exceed the industry standard. They also have a list of part numbers that help guide owners of brand name equipment to the right battery to choose for their unit.

Wholesale pricing is nice too

While you are looking for a partner to purchase your batteries from, don’t forget that several businesses online are used to doing volume business with their customers. They therefore carry wholesale APC UPS batteries at prices that are much better than you will find in a retail outlet. Part of the reason that they are more competitive is that they stock and store batteries in a warehouse and ship them to you directly instead of putting them on display in a store.

UPS units remain an important part of the computer infrastructure of many businesses in the US. For managers that are able to find a solid online partner to replace their APC batteries with compatible parts, excellent prices and even better service awaits them.